Transportation Subsidy for New Tenants

Transportation Subsidy for New Tenants

Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS), a bureau of Arlington’s Department of Environmental Services, serves people who live, work, or visit Arlington through programs and services that are designed to encourage the use of alternatives to driving alone.

The Transportation Demand Management for Site Plan Development requires buildings like 2500 Wilson to offer the following transportation alternatives:

  1. Carpool/ Vanpool: 2500 Wilson provides reserved spaces at discounted rates for those tenants who commute to work in the following manner:
    1. Carpools with 2 persons = 1/2 monthly parking rate
    2. Carpools with 3 persons = free parking
    3. Vanpools (7+ persons) = free parking

*Members must register with the parking management provider, Colonial Parking. To participate, please contact Carlos Casaverde, CPP at 202.295.8100.

  1. Transportation Information Center Kiosk: Transportation information, alternatives, local maps, bike routes, bus routes, and Metro lines maps all located on the P1 level of 2500 Wilson. For additional information, please contact the CW Property Management office.
  2. Employee Transit Subsidy Program: For new 2500 tenants, a $60.00 per month subsidiary is available to participating employees for a 6-month period. New tenants will receive a letter explaining the program at the beginning of their lease. A pre-tax benefit plan is necessary in order to access the funds. If the tenant chooses to participate, they are to provide a list of participating employees, the name of the pre-tax plan their organization utilizes and the point of contact to the Property Management Office.

For additional information, please visit the Arlington Transportation Partners website, or contact the ATP Representative, Dag Alemayehu at 703.247.6989 or

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