Q: How do I reserve a conference room?
A: You can visit the Tenant Center to reserve the Conference Center or contact Property Management Office at 440.822.0384.

Q: How do I request a service call?
A: You can visit the Tenant Center to place a service request or call our Property Management Office at 440.822.0384.

Q: How do I request additional space?
A: You can reach out to Avison Young and Papadopoulos Properties directly (see Leasing tab) or contact your Property Management Team to assist with putting you in contact with the correct person.

Q: What do I do when my office is too cold or too hot?
A: You can visit Tenant Center to place a service request, or call our Property Management at 440.822.0384.

Q: Where can I park?
A: The Fully Automated parking garage consists of Surface Lot parking for retail guest and 2 levels underground for monthly and transient parking. It can be accessed via N. Cleveland Street. The Parking Garage is managed by Colonial Parking (202.295.8100). Colonial Parking furnishes all monthly accounts with one (1) access card per parking permit (https://www.ecolonial.com/paris/ParisWeb-RequestParking.php?LID=990). This card allows access to the garage 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Parking is also available to visitors or one-time parkers via the ticket validation machine located at the Surface Lot / rear entrance of the building.

Garage operating hours are:

  • Monday to Friday - 6:00 am to midnight
  • Saturday & Sunday - 10:00 am to midnight
    • Times are subject to change.

Q: Where can my visitors park?
A: Visitors can park in the garage and must pull a ticket and pay via the ticket validation machine located at the Surface Lot / rear entrance of the building before exiting exit.

Q: Do you offer car charging stations?
A: No, the Parking Garage does not currently offer car charging stations.

Q: Where can I park/store my bike?
A: The bike cage is located on the P3 level of the Parking Garage. The cage is gated and locked and includes a bike repair and air compressor. Additional bike stands are located on the surface lot of the parking garage and entrance of 2500 Wilson. To use the bike cage, please contact the Property Management Office.

Q: Where can I smoke?
A: The designated smoking area is located near the building’s Loading Dock.

Q: Can I bring in a space heater?
A: Space heaters are not permitted at the buildings due to the additional electrical load they draw and potential fire concerns. Please contact your property management team if you are experiencing hot or cold conditions, click here to submit a service request.

Q: Can I bring in a coffee maker or other appliance?
A: Coffee makers and other kitchen appliances are permitted however, must be hooked up using copper not pvc lines to connect to water source to avoid leaks and water damage.

Q: I work after the building’s normal hours, how do I request lighting, heating and/or air conditioning?
A: All requests for overtime HVAC must be submitted through the Tenant Center at least 24 hours in advance of the desired timeframe. Please be aware there will be a charge for the requested time frame to run the HVAC outside regular building hours.

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